LAHORE - Federal Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan on Saturday asked the politicians, named in the Mehrangate scandal, to clarify their position before the court of law instead of speaking through the media.

Talking to the media at Expo Centre, she said “Younus Habib, through his statement, has unveiled the faces of those who got money from the bank and had been leading petitions to the court on different pretexts.”

“They should now clarify their position before the court.” She said. “Now it was for the Supreme Court to fix responsibility for the offence of receiving money and take action against them,” she added.

She urged the SC to also associate former Interior Secretary Roadad Khan in the MB investigations. “Roedad Khan and his companions, fearful of the PPP’s public power, misused the public exchequer to defame the PPP,” she said.

She said, “Habib’s documents also debunked the myth of Roedad Khan, the then in-charge of President House’s political cell, about pressuring Fouzi Ali Kazmi and himself (Habib) for implicating President Asif Ali Zardari in false and fabricated cases.”

She named Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, saying “He has been all out against President Asif Ali Zardari but the ISI funds case has revealed how he has been involved in corruption in the past.” To a question she said, “Any bid to topple a democratic government falls in the ambit of high treason therefore every institution of the state must act within its constitutional limits.”

Replying to another question, she ruled out early elections and said that the masses had given mandate to the present government for five years to stay in power.

Alluding to the ISI funds case, she said “The episodes of stealing public mandate in the past are echoing in the court of law.” She added, “The PPP will not become part of the game if the same elements once again tried to spoil the public mandate.”