LAHORE – Naveem Paracha, ex-husband of fashion model Eisha Kaur has alleged that his former wife betrayed him several times in matrimonial life, and was now threatening him of dire consequences along with her second husband Sam Singh.

According to him, Eisha remained his legally wedded wife till 2011, and he divorced her only after learning about her second marriage, to Sam Singh. “Even then, I supported her in every way, but during this time she stole four signed cheques amounting to Rs 11 million which were dishonored by the bank,” he said.

To a query, he claimed to have purchased one 5marla and another 12marla home for Eisha in Johar Town and also established a Beauty Parlor on the ground floor. However, he said that Eisha had handed over the parlor to her younger sister and moved to Duabi where she claimed to have established a business in partnership with Sam Singh, an Indian.

Naveed Paracha, a buying and selling bank consultant, said he had to travel a lot due to his business and his wife at that time, Eisha continued visiting her friends in India and Dubai.“I knew Eisha got engaged with Sam Singh in late 2009, later, she told me about her marriage over the phone” he alleged. He further said that his ex-wife along with her second husband threatened him of dire consequences by calling from a United Arab Emirates number. “I don’t have any personal grief with her and don’t want to comment about her character, but she has betrayed me time and again,” he said.

According to Paracha, his ex wife Eisha was using the stolen cheques to blackmail him. He added that the case was pending in court and the court will take the final decision. To a query, he said that he had also approached CCPO Ahmed Raza Tahir, who had promised him of providing justice.