After seeing the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan on the basis of majority, my sympathies were for the first time diverted to Ms Waheeda Shah for the simple reason that the Commission had done justice to her perhaps on the style of Punjabi movies. Unfortunately, it is a very dangerous trend that has been introduced in our country that justice is being done on the basis of reports and comments appearing solely in the electronic media. Nonetheless, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah rightly said: “An offender was not expected to be penalized twice for a single offence.” No doubt, she had taken a wrong step by slapping another lady official of Election Commission but it was a fact that she had already tendered her apology whereas the affected lady had also pardoned her. Further, she had already faced the wrath of our irresponsible and aggressive electronic media for many days that manoeuvred to show the act repeatedly through the help of camera technology.


Karachi, March 8.