BAJAUR AGENCY - Insaf Student Federation, Fata, Chief Organiser Adnan Shinwari has urged the government to completely abolish Frontier Crimes Regulation in Fata, saying that the government should immediately provide equal rights of citizenship to tribesmen.

Addressing a press conference here in Khar the other day, he said that the people of fata were not terrorists but loving, peace full patriotic and civilized citizen of the country who always given a lot of sacrifices in the large interest of the country but unfortunately the government had ignored the efforts of the tribesmen, he added. He said that the government not series for the bringing   of progress positive and durable changes in Fata.

He said that the tribesmen had badly suffered by FCR, “frontier crime regulation had rendered them very back ward and this inhuman law didn’t allow them to progress and FCR is the barrier   for the advancement of the tribesmen “

Criticising the recent Fata reforms he said that the package was very insufficient and these amendments in FCR would not able to bring any positive changes in the life of the people of tribal areas.

He said that after the passages of seven months the government   failed to implements the Fata package and it seems that the government doesn’t want early changes in Fata.

He warned if the Fata packages not implemented till the end of March, the Insaf Student federation would launch anti   government drive in all over the trial areas. He said that Insaf Students federation has been established in the all over the tribal area and ISF became the leading student’s federation in FATA. He warned if the government doesn’t implement reforms   in this month   ISF would launch anti government drive in the Fata

Meanwhile,  activists of Jamiat Talba Islam (JTI), district Peshawar, Saturday held a protest demonstration against the alleged exclusion of Quranic verses from school syllabus here at Sher Shah Suri Road.

The protesting demonstrators were holding banners and placards inscribed with anti government slogans. Qari Goahr Ayub, provincial general secretary of JTI and Iqbal Haidri press secretary were leading the demonstrators.

Talking to reporters they said that deletion of Qurnaic version and Hadiths from class 9th book of Islamiat were an un-Islamic function therefore they demanded of provincial government to re-include all the deleted verses in the course otherwise protest demonstration would be continued.