RAWALPINDI - Pakistan’s nuclear programme is the custodian of its sovereignty and India would have enslaved Pakistan had the latter not built up the nuclear programme. Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami expressed these views on Saturday.

He was chairing the launching ceremony of Rana Abdul Baqi’s book “United India, Nuclear Supremacy and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan,” jointly organised by Nazria Pakistan Trust and Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam.

Majid Nizami appreciated the efforts of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Pakistan’s former Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif for making remarkable contributions in Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

“Bhutto sahib initiated our nuclear programme, Dr Khan prepared it to make Pakistan’s defence invincible and Nawaz Sharif accomplished this programme by conducting nuclear tests.”

“Today by the grace of God, Pakistan’s defence is in safe hands. The enemy India cannot dare look us from a point of strength thanks to our well-prepared nuclear programme,” he said.

Nizmai regretted that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the architect of Pakistan’s nuclear programme was hanged, Nawaz Sharif was sent in exile while Dr Khan faced humiliation and imprisonment at the hands of former dictator General (r) Pervaiz Musharraf. “Bhutto Sahib was martyred, Nawaz Sharif was thrown out of the country and Dr Khan was thrown in jail. That’s what happens to those who contribute for upholding Pakistan’s sovereignty.”

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was the scheduled chief guest for the event but he could not attend the ceremony due to massive allergy attack that he suffered Friday night. Majid Nizami supervised a prayer for the well being of Dr Khan wishing him sound health and long life.

Nizami praised Rana Abdul Baqi for writing what he termed as very informative book on Indian highhandedness to destabilise Pakistan’s existence and efforts of Dr A Q Khan to foil Indian conspiracies. Elaborating on the scenario before Pakistan’s nuclear tests, Majid Nizami said Dr Khan called him requesting to arrange a meeting with Mian Muhammad Sharif. “I took time from Mian Sharif sahib and took Dr Khan to Raiwind where we met Mian Sharif sahib. We were warmly welcomed by Mian sahib and his family members. Dr Khan was garlanded and even the female members of Sharif house were peeking from windows to see Dr Khan as if a newly wed groom had arrived. This had happened shortly before the nuclear tests in Chaghi,” Nizami recalled, Nawaz Sharif held a meeting with the editors of leading Pakistani newspapers to discuss whether to conduct May 28 nuclear tests. Many editors advised Nawaz Sharif to accept millions of dollars from the US and not to go for nuclear tests. “But I asked Nawaz Sharif, Mian sahib conduct nuclear explosions otherwise the entire nation would explode you!”

Nawaz Sharif ignored the US threats and millions of dollars and conducted nuclear tests, Majid Nizami said. “Mian sahib rang me up and informed that I was the first one he called to congratulate on nuclear tests.”

Nizami cautioned that the US, India and Israel were conspiring against Pakistan and the people, government and armed forces of this country needed to be well prepared and stay vigilant to foil these conspiracies He mentioned that US and India were conducting joint military exercises at Indo-Pak border areas. Majid Nizami appreciated the role of former Army Chief General (R) Mirza Aslam Baig for his duties he performed as army’s top commander. “After General Zia’s death, General Baig became the military chief. I asked him if he had plans to take over, General Baig denied and said he would perform duties within his legal role and not continue marshal law.” There are few generals I appreciate and General Baig is one of them. There are dictators like General Yahya, Musharraf, Ayub and Zia whom I strongly opposed.”

General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Baig said that people like Majid Nizami, Dr A Q Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif were a blessing to Pakistan and the enemy would not dare to cast evil eye on Pakistan in the presence of these heroes.

He also appreciated the role of Benazir Bhutto in flourishing and safeguarding Pakistan’s nuclear interests. “These people are our heroes but see what happened to them. Bhutto sahib was martyred. Dr Khan sahib was insulted and Mian Sahib’s government was toppled by a sick-minded evil dictator. That’s not how these heroes should have been awarded.” General Baig said Rana Abdul Baqi’s book was a detailed insight into Indian plans to deprive Pakistan of water and natural resources and strategic technology.

General (Retd) Baig mentioned of a recent decision of Indian Supreme Court that ordered Indian government to keep building controversial dams to deprive Pakistan of water. “This is water terrorism on part of India but its conspiracies are bound to get sabotaged.” General (Retd) Baig recalled the services of Dr Khan and explained how he equipped Pakistan with latest missiles and submarines.

“This military hardware cost billions of dollars but Dr Khan blessed Pakistan with this sophisticated technology in just a few million dollars. During Kargil war, Pakistan shot down two Indian jets using these sophisticated missiles.” General (r) Mirza Aslam Baig revisited the meritorious services of Dr Khan and burst into tears recalling the tyrant acts of General Musharraf and could not continue his speech. With tears in his eyes, the former army chief walked away from podium.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s message for the ceremony regretted his absence due to health issues caused by allergy attack. Dr Khan, in his message, showered the profound petals of praise over Majid Nizami, Dr Khan and Rana Abdul Baqi and said that in the presence of such great heroes Indian conspiracies were bound to fail.

“I feel unfortunate for missing such a noble gathering but please accept my apologies. I would have been honoured to be part of such noble gathering but health constraints caused my absence,” Dr Khan’s message said.

Rana Abdul Baqi said he gifted 50 copies of his book to Dr Khan and sent these books at his residence but the latter paid for all the books. One of the books, Rana Baqi said, Dr Khan dedicated to Majid Nizami with heartfelt compliments.

Other speakers including Sultan Ahmed Ali, Dr Maqsooda Hussain, Akram Zaki, Siddique Akbar, Latif Ulfat, Dr Naeem Ghani, Dr Mazhar Qayum, Colonel (r) Bakhtiar Hakeem, Dr Jamal Nasir, Dr Abdullah Gul, Professor Waheed Mirza, Javaid Bhatti, Naseem Sehr, Dr Athar Qaseem, Arsalan Akbar Abbasi and Wajeeh Kiran Butt paid glowing tributes to Majid Nizami, Dr A Q Khan and Rana Abdul Baqi.