Not only the situation in Balochistan is not improving, the real challenge is that it is fast deteriorating. Like in the past, the ruling elite is not taking right decisions at the right time. There have been lot of claims by the government of having done this or done that.

Yet, people in the strife-stricken province are angry and not willing to trust either the federal or the provincial government. The nationalist forces, the majority of their leadership being in exile is in no mood to engage in any dialogue with the government. Instead, they have been talking of two things. Firstly, they are asking for complete withdrawal of army from the province and secondly, independence of their land. At present both the demands seem asking for too much. The government is willing to hold talks with Baloch leadership remaining within the Pakistan framework. It has already withdrawn army units which were deployed in troubled areas. Baloch leaders have been accusing the army and its security agencies for being involved in the target killing and kidnapping of their activists. Another aspect is that in an attempt to shirk responsibility, the authorities have often been talking about foreign element at work in Balochistan without having any substantial proof. Both electronic and print media have been highlighting the grim scenario in the province with more and more people being killed or kidnapped. It is painful to comment that the authorities have not heeded to it and only repeated its claim of having announced the Aaghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package without having implemented it in its letter and in spirit.

Against this backdrop the Difah-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) organised a series of protest rallies across the country demanding elimination of the foreign hand which they alleged were sponsored by the US, Israel and India. They also demanded that in response to a resolution tabled in the House of Representatives, Islamabad should snap diplomatic relations with Washington. They also urged the federal government to ensure provision of fundamental rights to the Baloch community. Meanwhile, several Senators spoke at the floor of the House in support of Baloch rights and warned the rulers that if something was not done fast enough, some tragic situation might develop. The government should also consider Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s suggestion of holding a grand Jirga to address the real issues. Time is on the run. It is better if concrete measures are taken now.