LAHORE - Janisar Ahmed - After Pasha, now we have our new spy master Lt-Gen Zahirul lslam. While the ISI chief has to keep an eye on so many things, there are also many eyes on him trying to figure out what he does and what or who he belongs to, among other things.

Keeping in view the ‘magnitude’ of importance the chief sleuth enjoys in Pakistan’s both internal and external affairs, some very interesting facts have surfaced about him. The first such ‘revealed’ fact is that he is a nephew of Shah Nawaz Khan, an Indian Army hero. Now how far the latter can be of some ‘help’ for his nephew depends on his love for his country, and vice versa.

The other amazing thing is that the Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan also happens to be a cousin of our new spy king. The great Khan’s mother was the adopted daughter of Mr Shah Nawaz. Now how far the two ‘Kings’ are eager to meet each other depends on how they are able to bridge the differences between the two rivals. Shahrukh is a household name in Pakistan. What our spy chief does to gain the level of popularity in India is hard to measure.

Bollywood has another link with our spy agency. Saif Ali Khan’s uncle Maj-Genl Isfandyar Pataudi (holding the slot of Deputy Director in the agency) could not make it to the top slot in the lSl. So, unlike Shahrukh, Saif cannot boast of having a big gun in the country next door.

NNI adds: The Pakistan Army has rejected media reports that the newly appointed ISI chief Lt-Gen Zahirul Islam has any relation with Indian actor Shahrukh Khan. Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Saturday rejected reports without providing any details.