LAHORE – At least 840 policemen completed their professional training courses here at Chuhng police training school last week. Among them, there were 265 policemen who completed the 6th Upper while 575 cops done the Intermediate class course. After completing such courses, the police subordinates are promoted to the next rank.

A colourful passing out parade was arranged at the Chuhng training school, where the Inspector General of Police Punjab (IGP) Muhammad Habib-ur-Rehman was the chief guest. Addressing the unusual gathering of policemen, the IGP tried his level best to brainwash the cops by reciting a few verses from the holy Quran. The police chief also read out some Hadiths of the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on this occasion in order to inculcate into the minds of the cops that bribery is Haram (forbidden).

This special ceremony was unique in nature in which the focus of the chief of the largest police force was to warn the cops to ensure justice and shun all types of bribery and other misconducts. The IGP told the cops that they (policemen) were doing a great and sacred duty if they work honestly. He urged the policemen to provide justice to the victims and strictly warned that the policemen found involved in illegal activities would never be spared. Interestingly, a number of top police officers were also present on this occasion.

Obviously, the provincial police chief gave a strong message not only to the cops but also to the officers that bribery is unacceptable and those officials found involved in this practice would be kicked out from the department.

Frankly speaking, the police department in the Punjab province is corruption-riddled and this law enforcing agency in our society is known as the most corrupt institution. The reason is very simple, the policemen while directly dealing with the public get bribe from both the accused and the complainant parties. The cops mint money for registering the cases and also for not registering or twisting the cases. They extort cash for applying harsh methods of interrogation on the accused and also receive bribe for questioning in gentle way. However, IGP Muhammad Habib-ur-Rehman is struggling hard to root out the menace of bribe from the department since he resumed the charge of this powerful post. Security experts believe that the two-pronged strategy must be adopted to overhaul the policing. First, strict accountability and then modern equipment and professional training could help police to meet the emerging challenges.

The head of the Turk police informed the Chief Minister that Turkey has prepared the estimates and the requirements for further improving the system of Punjab police and a roadmap will soon be given on which further working will be started.

He said that the national police of Turkey will immediately send a team of Turk police experts to Punjab to assist Punjab police in intelligence-tracking system and centralized data system for the elimination of terrorism. He said that the performance of the Elite Force is up to the required standard. Shahbaz Sharif was also given a briefing regarding intelligence, special operations, counterterrorism and eradication of organized crime.

Now, the Head of the National Police Department Turkey along with a high-level official delegation is arriving in the City this week, most probably on Tuesday.

Sources here at the police headquarters believe that the chief of the Turkish police would pay special visits to the police offices, headquarters, and facilities to help Punjab police improve its functioning. The Punjab and Turkish police would also sign a roadmap in order to further improve working relationship while Turkish instructors including Mustafa Ozguler and Muhamat Cengiz would begin training the Punjab police this year. The experts of national police of Turkey are also scheduled to assist Punjab police in intelligence-tracking system, and centralised data system for the elimination of terrorism and organised crime.