LAHORE – Condemnations over Badami Bagh tragedy kept pouring in as victims remain in trauma on Sunday. 

PML-Q President Senator Ch Shujaat Hussain flayed the incident and said such happenings could be part of a conspiracy to sabotage the elections.

In a statement, he said the unfortunate aspect of this incident was that the police were directed to stay away and this helped the rioters to accomplish their nefarious designs. If the provincial government had taken timely action, the situation could have been averted, he said. The CM ruling 65 per cent population of the country could not be acquitted of this incident, he added.

Separately, Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvaiz Elahi said the incident had occurred because of incapability of the chief minister. Expressing sympathies with the effected families in a statement, Pervaiz said the Punjab government failed to protect the lives and properties of the people.

The deputy prime minister said instead of suspending the DSP and SHO, the CM should take action against himself, now by taking such measures and holding high level meetings, he could not befool the Christian community.

Parvez Elahi assured the Christian community and their leaders that the PML-Q was with them in the time of sorrow and grief.

NCJP: The National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) leadership flayed the incident of burning nearly 178 houses of Christians in Joseph Colony.

NCJP National Director Fr Emmanuel Yousaf Mani, Executive Director Peter Jacob said in a statement that the police and administration was mainly responsible for the situation. However, the political leadership in the country also did not find courage to address the sufferings of religious minorities especially those related to misuse of blasphemy laws.

Had the provincial and federal governments taken steps to introduce legal safeguards and administrative reforms, the tragic incidents could have been avoided, they said.

MINORITIES LEAGUE: The Pakistan Minorities League staged a demonstration outside the Press Club against the Badami Bagh incident. A number of people including women, workers of James Welfare Foundation and civil society participated in the protest.

ASHRAFI: Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Allama Tahir Ashrafi said the Badami Bagh incident was a conspiracy to defame the country in the world.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club Sunday, he said that Islam does not allow any Muslim to damage property or harm any innocent non-Muslim.

He demanded the Punjab government make an all-out effort for restoration of the Christian community. He said the Blasphemy Act had been made with consensus of all religions, however, its wrong implementation could not be supported.

PWC: The working class of Pakistan condemned ransacking of Christians homes at Badami Bagh. In a statement, Pakistan Workers Confederation General Secretary Khursheed demanded the government to bring the accused to book.

"Christians and all other minorities deserve rights of equality and security," he added. The government should provide all possible help to the affected families for their early rehabilitation, he demnaded.

GILL: Minister of State for Minorities Affairs Akram Masih Gill said the Christian community could not even think of blasphemy as it respected the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and the Holy Quran like it respected the Holy Bible and Hazrat Isa (AS).

Addressing a protest rally of Christians outside the Punjab Assembly building here, he said it was the need of the hour to be united against the common enemy of Muslims and Christians.

Citing the incidents of Gojra and Silakot, the minister alleged the Punjab government had failed to protect minorities. He said minorities were faithful to the country and their services for the country especially in fields of health and education could not be neglected.

He said some anti-state elements wanted to spread religious hatred in the society, however, he added such elements could not succeed. Gill said only one person should be punished who was found guilty instead of the whole community. He appreciated the role of the media in highlighting the incident.