Both the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister, in their effort to present a soft image of the Taliban, in order to get support from the public, to continue peace talks are misguiding the masses by presenting the Islamabad attack to exonerate the Taliban altogether.

To say that the Islamabad judge was killed by his body guard’s panic firing is preposterous. Those familiar with firing a 9mm pistol will bear my comment, that the fire arm does not support the theory of someone firing three times at the same target(judge). It is not possible if the shooter panics.

Admission of guilt by the guard may be possible due to duress or offers of reward, to support the childish opinion of the government. Prime Minister’s statement that RAW was involved is another way of giving a clean chit to the Taliban’s non- participation in the Islamabad attack. But the most astounding statement came from the Interior Minister, on the floor of the National Assembly on Thursday, that majority of Taliban were not anti-state! Was he serious? All the previous attacks where thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives and attacks on Army personal can be counted as ‘Not against the Sate’ attacks? Both the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister should stop misrepresenting facts.


Peshawar, March 7.