Cricket is known to be a symbol of peace, especially in Asian. India the ‘so called’ champion of peace and known as one of the biggest democracies in the world has shown its true colours. Only a few days back, Uttar Pradesh government filed a case against students from Kashmir who supported the Pakistani team during a match in the Asia Cup. We all thought that Democracy promotes justice and that was important for it as an institution. Democracy rose above religion, ethnicity, class and creed and treated as all its citizens as equal.

What shocked the world was, when a country, calling itself a democracy, demonstrated such biasness toward any class or society, what signal was it giving to the rest of the world? If they continue to indulge in such shameful acts, then India must review its proclamation of being a democratic and a secular state. Though they have been able to build the image of bright, open India inside the country there is no justice or freedom allowed to its citizens. If India wants to maintain a facade of being a democratic state they must treat everyone the same! Civilized countries distinguish themselves by their norms, culture and ethical values and justice dispensed. This has become a stigma for India. The Indian government should observe strict restraint against such policies.


Islamabad, March 7.