SRINAGAR- Prime Minister, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that it would be important to watch Narendra Modi 's conduct in case he assumes the office. Mirwaiz added that the overall socio- political and economic development of South Asia the leadership of the region has to look beyond the narrow, communal and parochial boundaries.

In a media interview, the Mirwaiz said, "During Vajpayee's tenure things moved ahead as far as the Indo-Pak relations and the Kashmir issue is concerned. We hope in case Mr. Modi becomes the Prime Minister, Vajpayee approach will not be forgotten altogether."

Commenting over the present political situation, Huriyat (M) Chairman maintained that the resistance movement has entered into a mature 'phase' now and that the people of Kashmir are now giving preference to the non-violent movement.

"They utilize their resources whatever they have in hand. Earlier there used to be street pretests but now we have seen that the younger generation is taking on social networking sites and is informing the world about Kashmir 's real problem." Mirwaiz added that world has acknowledged the sensitivity of Kashmir dispute through the cyber world as the youth now are raising concerns in blogs and other web tools.

"Elections in Kashmir , as has been provided in UN resolutions also, or anybody elected through these elections has no authority to decide upon the future dispensation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir . That is why for us Elections is a Non Isuue and we ask people to reject these sham elections."

When asked about the alternate solutions his amalgam is talking for the Kashmir resolution Mirwaiz maintained that Huriyat constitution has laid down way back in 1993 the basic approach towards the resolution of this issue. It outlines that a resolution can be achieved at through a peaceful struggle by securing the right of self determination in accordance with the U.N character and the resolution adopted by U.N Security council.