As a shareholder of PSO, the country’s largest OMC, I am writing to express my concerns regarding the company’s sales practices. PSO has been continually supplying furnace oil to the power sector on credit. These supplies often do not pay, leading to major cash flow problems for. This non-payment from the power sector has a huge impact on availability of funds to procure other products, which leads to breakdown in the supply chain, as witnessed in the January petrol crisis.

My question is, why are these supplies being made? Who has authorised them? Can they not see the adverse impact such credit sales are having on the company’s financial status? We are the company’s shareholders and have a right to know why our hard-earned money is being put on the line, for someone else’s benefit? The company and the concerned officials need to take a stand on the matter and provide a clear picture on why credit sales continue and who are the people behind this decision. All transactions should be made on cash payments only.


Lahore, February 6.