Chaos, confusion, violence, death, destruction, illnesses, illiteracy, insecurity, poverty, hunger, deprivation, suicides pornography, rape, murder, rampant corruption, plunder, back breaking taxation, illegitimate wars and engineered disputes, waste of hard earned public money in irregular activities, the current world leadership is all rotten and at the same time not sustainable for long. It must be replaced if not publicly hanged by my opinion. With surplus resources, production capacity, technological advancement, information technology and many more conveniences, for development and advancement, we have no excuse for where we stand today. The world should be a happy and content place for all of us, but it is not so because we are hostage to a few unscrupulous, utterly corrupt and criminal elements and their collaborators in vested interests.

The developed world does not want to see Africa and Asia rise as super powers or developed because large markets which provide them raw material will end. The biggest arms manufacturer USA does not want to see an end to wars as it would have no market for its weapons. Disease are not controlled as they are big markets for the developed countries.


Karachi, March 5.