I am a frequent traveller on the GT road from Islamabad to Gujrat. Over a period of time the number of dead animals, mostly lying towards the green belt separating the road, has increased manifold.

During my last trip about a week back, I saw about 30 dead animals lying over a distance of 150 kilometers. These bodies ranged from those of cats, wild bores, dogs, goats, donkeys and a caw. Not only the dead animals bodies keep on lying for weeks and even for months, posing a serious health hazard, it is also a nausiating sight for every one. last week I saw an animal body, probably that of a dog, lying exactly at the same place where it was seen about a month back.

The body had decayed to such an extent that only the skeleton was visible. It was indeed a horrible sight. Those who travel on GT road would agree with me. With the increase in traffic, the number of the these animals being run over by speedy vehicles has also increased. The worrying part is the apathy of the concerned municipal authorities of these small and big towns, who pay no attention for their quick removal/disposal. All religions lay stress on a respectable way of burying the dead animals. Would some one may kindly pay attention to this small but very irritating issue. At the moment it seems no ones responsibility.

I have also travelled on Motorway where I rarely came across such a sight. This is perhaps due to the fence on its either side. I am also told that the NHA has a system in place for quick disposal of dead animals on motorway. A similar system can also be adopted on the GT road.


Islamabad, February 19.