LAHORE: Students of a private college in Muslim Town area celebrated their last day in the institution as FA/FSc exams are to start after next week in Punjab.

Thousands of intermediate students appear in FA/FSc examination every year, which is considered turning point of their education career.

In majority of cases middle-class families compel their children to do FSc in the hope that they may get good marks and make it to medical colleges or engineering university to become doctor or engineer.

Their typical reason of pushing their young sons/daughters against the student’s own choice is the comparison and competition with the boys and girls of their relatives, neighbours and family friends who have already started their career as doctors or engineers. “If your uncle’s daughter is a doctor then why can’t you be a doctor,” said Amrah (known to the scribe) to her daughter to convince her for admission in FSc (Pre-medical).  There are many examples where parents convince their sons to do FSc (Pre-engineering).

Young boys could be seen dancing on the road after what they termed the “two boring years” of FSc. They dancing to the tune of dhol played by a professional musician whom they must have invited themselves and paid money for his services.