ISLAMABAD - Mustafa Kamal’s rebellion has visibly dented the Muttahida Qaumi Movement as its stalwarts have starting coming under the unmbrella of Mustafa. Erstwhile blue-eyed of Altaf Hussain, Mustafa Kamal, has proved the claims of his former boss wrong that MQM members cannot be defectors.

Disapproving the claims of ‘United Nation Movement’, the senior stalwarts are parting ways with MQM each passing day and the size of Mustafa Kamal’s faction will expectedly further grow in coming days.

MQM usually coming out of any hardships in past proudly claimed about its internal ‘unity and discipline’ but this time the party has opted to keep mum on it and started ‘cleanliness drive’ to show indifference from the internal ruptures.

The Karachi-based MQM over the instructions of party’s supermo has decided to engage its members in ‘cleanliness drive’ to keep an eye on senior members and demonstrate as united, background discussions with MQM members left this expression.

MQM, in its current troubled situation, has ostensibly still not able to form a concrete strategy to counter this biggest challenge, as unexpectedly party’s renowned folks have started joining hands with Mustafa Kamal.

Party’s senior members believed that other senior members might also leave the party but they will ‘discredit’ their stature with their decision. “There must be some weakness in these disloyal members, which compelled them to leave the party,” said a senior member, desiring not to be named.

These ‘disloyal’ members earned name only with the name of Altaf Hussain, he believed, as otherwise they would have no value in future, he said, admitting that the party’s claim about its members’ loyalty has also changed with it ‘misperception’.

The ambiguous situation, he says, will be cleared after few months as it is not a single person (Mustafa Kamal) initiative.

Relating the situation to the 1992’s operation against the party, other members of the party commented that some of party members always leave in crisis situation.

However, the party in this current situation is still happy over the reaction of major political parties including (PML-N). “Party members have still not faced any big challenge in terms of strong reaction from PML-N, PTI and PML-N,” said a senior party member seemingly satisfied from the so far response of other parties.

Unlike MQM’s expectation, he said, Mustafa Kamal is not receiving verbal support of any major political party from opposition or government.

Party members, keeping mum over current anti-MQM move, have been planning to again raise its voice after NA-245 seat (on former MQM’s member Rehman Hashmi). “Situation of vote-bank and dent into the party will clear after the results of NA-245,” MQM’s members said this while sharing the party’s future strategy.

The determination of Farooq Sattar (who is considered as main player of MQM) in this situation has also been playing a big role against the anti-MQM move, they said.

Talking to The Nation, Sattar remained confined to utter few words on the current situation of MQM. “MQM members are not panic at all...We are engaged in social welfare activities,” said Sattar adding that MQM in its previous history had also successfully confronted all challenges.

When contacted, MQM’s lawmaker Ali Raza Abidi said that although MQM is facing challenges but this will not prove any dent to it. “Misreporting about the party’s chief health and other verbal attack cannot shake its genuine members,” he said.

A senior member from KPK Zahid Malik was of the view that the party has not faced any big challenge so far. “Mustafa Kamal was also not in te picture for the last some years. How come with the support of some names he will be able to dent his former party,” he said.

Some other members of the party also commented that the party chief and senior members should not create further difficulties for the party by statements.

Political pundits claimed that MQM has been facing a big challenge in these days. Internal rupture in the party has created troublesome situation for the party as Mustafa Kamal is aware about many secrets, they said, adding the party has opted to keep mum over the current situation to avoid his (Mustafa Kamal) further verbal attacks.

MQM, they said, in these days is trying to pass time hoping to cool down the political turmoil.

MQM, currently facing Karachi operation, has earlier survived allegations levelled by for senior PPP’s member Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and MQM’s former member Soulat Mirza from the death cell and others.