Other than absolute sovereignty of Almighty Allah, every system of good governance evolved over centuries, and three monotheistic faiths places limits on powers of elected government and those holding civil or khaki paid public offices. Even the powers of ceremonial monarchs in Europe where Rule of Law prevails have been limited. The Constitution of Pakistan has very clearly defined limitations of power with provision of checks and balances.

The Constitution guarantees equal rights, equal opportunities and basic human rights to all citizens, yet every elected government or military dictator has usurped right to make appointments without merit and granting undue favors to select groups or cronies to collective detriment of majority. White collar crimes are being committed blatantly and laws broken with such impunity under patronage of elected and paid public office holders that our documented economy is fraction of black economy and unchecked flight of money from this country plus massive tax evasion has driven it to financial instability. Appointing those holding foreign nationalities as ambassadors of Pakistan compromises state sovereignty.

The onus should be on citizens of Pakistan to justify vast assets held in their name within Pakistan and abroad. Unfortunately dual nationality facility has been abused by nexus of corrupt holding key paid public offices which they abuse to indulge in massive corruption and transfer black money to foreign safe havens where their families and major assets are located. A casual survey of multi storey buildings, hotels, palatial villas in Dubai, UK, France, Spain and Canada etc is proof if any is required, provided State had will to hold them accountable. Even Nigeria has signed an agreement with UAE to extradite their citizens and access to information about properties, while international law allows any country to claim tax evaded by their citizens holding Swiss bank accounts .


Lahore, February 19.