Sports are traditionally associated with physical exertion and ball sports, but that notion is fast changing and many argue that it has already changed. The advent of video games saw a diversification of competitive games that can be played between individual and it was inevitable that it became organized. The image shows the attendees at a ‘Space invaders’ gaming competition in 1981, where players played on individual televisions to see who can set the highest score. The advance in gaming technology and the internet has taken this further.

In 2015, ‘The International’ – a tournament for players of DOTA 2 – was held in a sports arena, with thousands spectators watching and the winning team taking home over six million dollars in prize money. The winner included 15 year old Sumail – a Pakistani born American – who took home 1.3 million. Today e-sports is recognized as a complete sport, and has the same perks and problems. South Korea offers professional gamers scholarships, they have massive fan following and are also involved in doping and cheating scandals. With e-sports to debut on TV soon, it is difficult to draw a distinction between it, and what people traditionally consider sport.

“E-sports on TV is the future, this is history in the making.”

–Sky Sports Official, Los Angeles, 2016.