Rawalpindi: A scam has surface in Rawalpindi Excise and Taxation Department, which has allegedly cleared and transferred 45,000 stolen vehicles on fake documents and invoices.

According to sources, touts shove files of vehicles for registration on behalf of owners, who present files of vehicles without bringing them to the excise for verification. According to the sources, the excise officials including inspectors in connivance with the touts take bribes from owners and issue registration certificates to vehicles, most of them stolen properties.

According to the source, when owners refuse to pay bribes, their files are swept under the carpet and they are made to visit the office again and again on one or the other pretext.

The source claimed that so far around 45,000 stolen vehicles have been to the people on fake documents against a payment of Rs 30,000 for each vehicle.

According to the source, each inspector and has appointed three touts to trap even those who were genuine owners of vehicles.