KARACHI - The Supreme Court yesterday rejected the Sindh Rangers plea seeking powers to prosecute suspects and register First Information Reports (FIRs) against them.

A five-member Supreme Court bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali, said that it could not pass an order granting the paramilitary force these powers because it was not in its jurisdiction to do so.

The bench further observed that a legislative intervention was required to grant Rangers the powers it had sought from the court. The order came up during the course of hearing in the Karachi law and order case at Karachi Registry.

The bench also reject the Rangers plea seeking powers for one year instead of 120 days under Anti-Terrorism Act. The court said the issue does not fall within its domain, and the federal and provincial governments need to resolve it.

Earlier this week, the Rangers’ lawyer had submitted a report in the Karachi registry of the SC. The Ranges in its report requested for the said powers, claiming the provincial government and police were under pressure and slowing down action against facilitators of criminal activity.

Citing an example of the provincial government’s incompetence, the Rangers’ counsel had claimed that a key suspect involved in the Safoora Goth attack was captured in 2011 but was later released.

The court appreciated a report presented by the Sindh Police Inspector General regarding performance of his department. The police chief claimed from a total of 458 ‘undetected cases,’ 158 cases had been reopened, of which, 67 had been detected. Appreciating the police’s effort, the bench directed continuation of the exercise.