KARACHI - Two more important members of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Thursday joined Mustafa Kamal’s newly formed political party.

MQM coordination committee member Waseem Aftab and MQM MPA Iftikhar Alam announced their decision days after former Sindh Health Minsiter Dr Sagheer Ahmed ended its association with MQM and announced to join hands with Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani.

Waseem Aftab is a key leader in organisational structure of MQM who was considered a policy maker of the party and remained on various slots of MQM organisational structure besides enjoying a government post of BPS-18 in KMC.

Waseem, who is said to be a close aide of former KTC in-charge Hammad Siddiqui, was suspended from the party in 2013 over land grabbing charges and alleged involvement in sectarian based killings in Karachi. He then went aboard.

Iftikhar Alam, who was severing as MQM Federal B area Sector In-charge before 2013 general elections, was also given ticket for provincial seat on the behest of Hammad Siddiuqi. Some other Sectors In-charges who were given MQM’s MPA tickets on the will of Hammad Siddiuqi include Adnan Ahmed, Irtaza Khalil Farooqui, Sheikh Abdullah, Kamran AKhter, and Shiraz Waheed. Khalid Bin Vilayat was also awarded ticket on the command of Siddiqui.

MQM former leader Waseem and Ifitkhar said good bye to MQM and announced it during a press conference along with Mustafa Kamal, Anis QaimKhani and Dr Sagheer Ahmed. Their joining has brought the membership of Kamal’s yet-to-be-named party to five.

Both leaders were warmly welcomed at Kamal’s residence and they started the press conference with leveling allegations on MQM chief Altaf Hussain, accusing him of pursuing an anti-state agenda.

Waseem Aftab, who has also remained in-charge of MQM Karachi Tanzeemi Committee before making his way to the decision making body of MQM-coordination committee, alleged MQM leadership of using party members like tissue papers.

He said that they belonged to a community that represents literate people but it is unfortunate that presently MQM workers were being considered the sign of fear and terror. “We were labeled traitors and during the struggle for the movement a number of children lost their future, women became widows and many had to leave Pakistan.”

He added: “I joined MQM in 1987 with the hope that the party chief (Altaf Hussain) would protect Muhajir Community and bring us out of the troubles we were facing for decades. Workers always expressed confidence in MQM chief but instead of returning benefits for their devotion, more than 15,000 people lost their lives in the movement.”

Talking about the allegation regarding MQM connection with Indian spy agency RAW, he said it is not any easy task to prove these allegations but they were not untrue. He asked MQM chief Altaf Hussain to spare workers and appealed other party members to join hands with Mustafa Kamal for the peace and prosperity of Pakistan and Karachi.

“I want to replace the slogans of pain with Pakistan Zindabad,” said Waseem Aftab, adding that “I never consider MQM members terrorists; they have been let down and need to be dealt with love”.

He said, “We have gathered here to stop bloodshed in Karachi”, adding that it was difficult to take a firm stand against the dictator (Altaf Hussain) but someone had to take this stand. He said they have joined hands with Mustafa and Qaimkhani to save Karachi from violence and terror.

Speaking on the occasion, MPA Iftikhar Alam announced his resignation from the MQM as well as the provincial assembly (PS-106) seat. “I part my ways with MQM and party chief as I want to get away from the politics of murders.”

Criticising MQM chief, he said that the time had come to say good bye to the ‘dictator’ and “I appeal party workers to join newly formed party or at least part ways with the MQM”. He said Altaf Hussain has no concern with the workers who gave their best to the party and faced all the hardship.

Iftikhar said during his stay in MQM there was talk of disintegration of country in party circles while MQM chief would do politics of dead bodies. Both MQM former leaders stated that they cannot remain hypocrites any longer; the politics of MQM revolves around a single person that is Altaf Hussain.

Replying a question about contesting elections under the banner of new party, former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal said that his party is not preparing for the upcoming by-polls. “We are focusing on the organisational structure of the newly formed party, instead of securing any provincial and national assembly seat. Party will go for the election in future however.”