“Terrorism is the robbery of my land and the torture of my mother. The imprisonment of my innocent father. The bullet in my baby brother. I am terrorised in my own land. I am the terrorist?’, said a prudent man. 

The aforementioned maxim, which explains the real face of terrorism, is practically proved in all provinces of Pakistan by terrorists. The frequent deadliest attacks in Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Sewan have given the worst-ever gifts of new year 2017 to Pakistan. Why is our country claiming itself as full purged of the menace of terrorism in recent days? What are our ruling elites and military officers doing? Why is implementation of operations not functioned practically? However, these baleful ambushes in all over the country have again rekindled the aflame in the hearts and minds of Pakistani people regarding the chains of terrorism. Besides, such devouring acts of terrorism time and again cry loudly and compel us to stand, think, do something and fight a war against fatal terrorism. Once in 2014, some particular wars, in the shape of Zarb-e-Azb and NAP, against monstrous terrorism were inaugurated by our former Army Chief Raheel Sharif. The then prolonged wars continued till to the end of 2016, which completed its many targets of eliminating the deep roots of hardcore terrorism. But, as soon as the chief of the wars hung up his boots from authorities, then the chains of lethal terrorism spread again in a great extent in every corner of the country. Currently, such horror and destructive attacks in all the provinces of Pakistan may be a link to PSL cricket matches. As the previous history claims a venomous terrorists’ attack on Australia team that created misunderstanding between Pakistan and Australia. Likewise, there can be a planning to ambush every corner of the country that our relations could not be strengthened with developed countries by calling them to our land to play. 

Finally, it is really a right time for the new Chief of Army Staff, respected Qamar Jawed Bajwa, to answer the attackers in a way that they can be well aware of our strength, worth and love towards Pakistan. There should be a proper war against the deep-rooted terrorism in Pakistan. All points of NAP must be regulated. No doubt, time to act is now otherwise, no one can desist Pakistan from becoming one of the highly-targeted countries in the world. 


Shikarpur, February 19.