Our leaders, barring a few, behave as if they were beyond reproach of any errors, mistakes, or laws. They abuse and accuse each other with allegations of financial and moral corruption just to fool people. In a democratic system, opposition’s main role is to highlight shortcomings and wrongdoings if any, of the government. The government usually defends itself with facts rather than levelling counter allegations. The Panama papers leaked information about hidden offshore wealth of people in power in many countries including ours. The opposition grabbed the opportunity to exploit the situation and sought answers from the sitting PM and his family. The government’s job was to defend itself with sound explanation, proofs, and facts not counter allegations. A common person would have to provide proof of income to FBR, if he or she had wealth with no means to justify. One cannot just get away by asking for proof of allegation from FBR.  

However, PTI leaders keep raising the Panama leaks issue, but to no avail. An entourage of cabinet ministers and PM loyalists keep shouting in the worst possible manner that opposition has to provide proofs that the wealth in question is ill gotten. They also level many counter allegations against the PTI leadership. They do this just to please their master. Surprisingly, the PML loyalists seems to care more about defending their master than anything else. It is about time our leaders learn from their mistakes and start doing the right thing. They have to realize that, history is not kind to those who ignore clear signs of defeat and destruction. 


Islamabad, February 19.