ISLAMABAD - The Senate on Friday through a unanimous resolution asked the government to take action against the individuals who were involved in uploading blasphemous content on social media.

The house asked the government to take action against the ‘social media blasphemers’ under section 295-C of the constitution against and introduce a constant mechanism for monitoring the flow of such material on social networking sites in Pakistan.

A number of lawmakers suggested the introduction of some restrictions on the social media in Pakistan followed by passage of the unanimous resolution moved by PML-Q senator Kamal Ali Agha.

The resolution says “Pakistan is the only country on this globe that came into being in the name of Islam and its constitution provides a guarantee to respect all prophets, all scared personalities of this religion and the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his family members as well as his companions. However, some insane individuals were violating this law and committing blasphemy to create chaos in the country. Islam gives the rights of freedom of expression but it doesn’t allow disrespecting any personality.”

The resolution urged the government to make an example of such persons under 295-C who were committing blasphemy.