Quetta - No more oppression, harassment and discrimination will be tolerated against Pashtoons across the country under the pretext of phony terrorism mantra, spelled out the leaders of Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) in Qilla Saifullah on Saturday.

PTM Chairman Manzoor Pashteen and other key leaders of the movement like Ali Wazir, Mohsin Dawar, Dr. Saeed Alam Meshud are visiting Balochistan’s Pashtoon belt (widely dubbed as Southern Pashtoonwa) to gather support against the alleged brutalities and savagery being committed against them.

The PTM came out with five legitimate demands – seeking justice for aspiring model Naqeebullah Mehsud who was killed in a fake encounter by SP Rao Anwar, recovery of 32,000 missing Pashtoons, clearing up improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mines planted in Federally-Administered Tribal Areas and stop harassment and persecution of entire villagers by the security forces after taking place of any subversive act in any Fata area.

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) lawmakers in the Balochistan Assembly Nawab Ayaz Khan Jogezai, Ubaidullah Jan Babat and Arifa Siddiq along with other political and religious parties’ leaders also addressed the gathering.

The PTM leaders were welcomed upon their arrival at FR Drazanda followed by Balochistan Sherani, Zhob and Qilla Saifullah districts respectively. A large number of people had gathered in Zhob on Friday and Qilla Saifullah next day (Saturday). Addressing these public gatherings, the PTM Chairman Manzoor Pashteen said that they had selected a peaceful path to reject oppression, extra-judicial murder and discrimination against Pashtoons. “No other role for Pashtoons is acceptable in the country,” Manzoor said in Qilla Saifullah.

The PTM chairman also recounted ordeals the internally-displaced persons had been confronting with for years after they fled their homes due to military operations and sagas of pain and horrifying inhuman desecration of corpses in the federally-administered tribal areas.

“Have no words to convey the agony and anguish of tribal people as how family members of missing ones are passing through such excruciating moments,” Pashteen said.  He urged upon the certain quarters to produce the missing Pashtoons in courts, who the PTM had numbered in thousands.

Lambasting those leveling baseless allegations for being proxy of foreign countries, Pashteen said that they were demanding justice and constitutional rights in the country.  

“We are not safe in any part of the country,” asserted PTM chairman adding, first they were expelled of their homes from Fata and now facing racial profiling everywhere in the country.

Manzoor Ahmed, the PTM chairman, warned that this peaceful agitation must not be taken as weakness and they would not accept any oppression and harassment anymore.

He also criticised the government and security agencies for issuing separate identity cards – locally known as Watan Cards – to the Fata people. The PTM also marched last month on Islamabad and held sit-in in front of National Press Club for nearly 10 days, where representatives from almost every political party had addressed the gathering and supported the demands put forwarded by the organizers.

The demonstrators folded the agitation with an agreement signed by ruling regime giving framework of one month to visualize the progress on these demands. The PTM leaders while speaking out at the gatherings said they were demanding legitimate demands of recovery of missing persons and clearing up FATA from IEDs.