OKARA-A three-month-old child died due to reaction of chickenpox vaccine in Mohallah Madina, Ahmadabad her the other day.

Junaid Amin got his three-month-old son Arsal vaccinated against chickenpox by a vaccinator of Health Department. When the vaccine was administered to the child red rashes appeared on whole body of the child. As his condition started worsening, Junaid was rushed him to Children Hospital Lahore for treatment. But the child died after sometime. In the death certificate the Children Hospital Lahore doctors diagnosed that the child died on account of spreading of poison in his blood as a reaction of the vaccine.

However, Junaid demanded action over the use of substandard or bogus vaccine against the vaccinator of the Health Department.

Meanwhile, a simpleton was defrauded by four unknown persons that he had won 1kg gold as prize as he was deprived of Rs413,000.

Abdul Majid of Madina Chowk Depalpur was approached by four unknown men who told him that he had won a prize of 1 kg gold on TV.

The four fraudulent persons so much impressed with their glib tongues that they succeeded to realize from him Rs413,000 on one or the other pretext and disappeared.

Majid searched them but failed. He got a case registered with Depalpur city police station.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Irshad Ahmad expressed his anger over the staff of the Government High School at village 32/2RA. During his visit the DC checked various classrooms and questioned the students regarding curricular and extracurricular activities. He also asked them questions about the famous personalities of Pakistan advised the students to keep their attention on the studies.

The DC visited various parts of the school including classrooms; computer lab and checked the sanitation on which he reprimanded the school staff. He directed the school staff to come on duty on time.