KANDHKOT - Kashmore police have claimed to have nabbed four culprits who were involved in heinous crime cases such as murder, robbery and street crime on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference Kashmore police chief Bashir Ahmed Brohi said that in the various parts of district including Kandhkot, Tangwani and Ghouspur carried out raids in which police have succeeded in nabbing four culprits.

He said that Miyani police raided at Sangi Pul held Shah Baig son of Nurang Badani. While Durani Mahar police during raid at Nim Morr and have caught Ghulam Rasool son of Abdul Rahman, he said.

He added police conducted raids at their respective areas while have apprehended an outlaw Mashoque Golo. Meanwhile, Gublo police arrested Vasho son of Sher Ali Bangwar.

Bashir said that it was the responsibility of police to protect the lives as well as properties of the citizens while all the resources would be used to root out the criminal activities from the district. He further said that today police blazed more than seven hideouts at katcha area of Khadim Bhayo and Hussain Bhayo and also held several suspects.