Weed removal awareness campaign from tomorrow

LAHORE/ISAMABAD (APP): The Punjab Agriculture department has announced to start weed removal awareness campaign in the province at tehsil and district levels from March 12-17. According to the agriculture department sources on Saturday, per acre yield of crops get affected up to 40 to 45 per cent due to weeds.  During the campaign, farmers would be provided information regarding methods to remove weeds, the sources added. Meanwhile, Punjab Agriculture department has urged the farmers to install drip irrigation system in their fields as it is cost effective and offers handsome return. Talking to Radio Pakistan, spokesman of the department Najaf Abbas said that the government has initiated various projects to promote modern system of irrigation. He said the government is providing 60 percent subsidy on installation of the drip irrigation system however the farmers will spend remaining 40 percent. He informed that 80 percent subsidy is being given for running drip irrigation system on solar system.

He said that sprinkle irrigation system with solar system has been installed on an area of more than 1,500 acres in Punjab.






Govt took several steps for promotion of Pakistani products at international level

ISLAMABAD (NNI): The government has taken a number of steps for promotion of trade and marketing of Pakistani products at international level. According to spokesperson of Commerce Ministry, free trade agreements with Thailand and Tunisia, bilateral trade agreement with Nigeria, and preferential trade agreement have been initiated. Moreover the free and preferential trade agreements with China, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also being reviewed to make them more effective and favorable for Pakistani industry. Indonesia has agreed to unilaterally grant market access to Pakistan on 20 priority tariff lines while new concessions under the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement will provide a boost to Pakistani exports. Free trade agreement talks with Turkey once concluded will expectedly increase Pakistan's exports to Turkey up to one billion dollars in one year. The TDAP also organized around 146 exhibitions abroad during the year 2016-17, where Pakistani exporters displayed their products to the foreign buyers.



PTDC should be funded for publicity in world media: UNWTO experts

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Tourism Development Authority should be funded for publicity and promotion of tourism sites in the world media besides facilitating participation of private sector in international tourism exhibitions, says a report issued by The UN World Tourism Organization. According to the report, the involvement of public-private partnership for infrastructure development in the sector was also essential. Tourism opportunities in Pakistan were not less than any of the world's places, but due to many factors Pakistan could not achieve its right place in global tourism. The main reason for lack of proper development in the tourism sector in Pakistan is non existence of good advertising and non-participation in global tourism event, which is causing a negative impression across the world. Provincial tourists are playing their role in promoting domestic tourism in their areas of jurisdiction, but projection abroad under federal umbrella is needed, through which tour operators and provincial tourists promote country's tourism at world level.

The report strongly recommended to transform PTDC into National Tourism Authority and lauded the tourism promotion efforts of Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor.





Hydrogen peroxide shortage largely

attributable to int’l supply constraints

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): The recent hydrogen peroxide prices in the trade markets are by and large attributable to regional price hikes, said secretary general of Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA), Iqbal A Kidwai. He further added that some international players are facing shutdowns of the plants and increase in demand in their local markets which resulted in increase in prices in their countries, consequently price in Pakistan trade market has also increased. Despite these issues, Hydrogen Peroxide producers have been trying to consistently supply their customers at competitive prices. Local manufacturers in the Hydrogen Peroxide industry have been supplying all their products locally despite having the option to export overseas at better prices due to the current geographical supply situation. He added that Hydrogen Peroxide producers in Pakistan contribute approximately USD 24 million per annum in foreign exchange savings.

Kidwai mentioned that a few traders have imported Hydrogen Peroxide and are selling it in the trade market well above local producers’ circular prices.


“Our members are trying their best to further increase the supplies in the trade market to limit the prices and their selling prices are far less than the current prices offered by these traders.”