Indian history is witness to the fact that Muslims remained more active against the English regime and paid far greater a price for independence but the same Muslims, who sacrificed blood and sweat for India, are still being treated badly and are the subject of aggression in the hands of RSS.

India did not accept the creation of Pakistan and these hostile feelings against Pakistan continued to persist right from Nehru till today. PM Modi‘s tenure has been the worst when it comes to relations between India and Pakistan. The hostility that exists now was entirely engineered and implemented by Modi and his RSS.

Modi came in power to elevate living standards for the Indian common man but they only deteriorated under his rule. Instead of working for the common man, he spent all his energies and state resources to strengthen the militant wing of RSS to follow his agenda to overpower his opponents/ media through terror, both at home and abroad, with the help of his own war theories based on RSS ideology. At home, he was able to terrorise the media in the aftermath of his suppressing Muslims and other minorities through RSS by using his control of the Police. The Police operate under the local RSS leadership and directly under the command of RSS HQ. PM Modi decided to conquer first his own citizens: opponents and the prominent businessmen, in order to complete the first agenda of his war doctrine.

The second phase of Modi’s war Doctrine began with crushing innocent Kashmiris and giving command to RSS to change the demographic pattern of Kashmir from a majority Muslim to a minority Muslim state. The RSS did this with the help of the deployment of nearly 800 thousands of its regular Army in Occupied Kashmir.

The Modi Doctrine was to provoke Pakistan on the LOC by way of continuous border violations and violence. The third phase of war was launched against Pakistan by interference in Balochistan by way of deployment of terrorist and spy network in Pakistan through state financing. Here, Modi has been caught- he has been fully exposed by the conviction of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav.

Even after these humiliations, Modi has continued to advance for more terror- eventually using his “three-prong war doctrine” to initiate outright conflict, overriding the “cold start doctrine “. His doctrine is basically designed to have total political control of India and declare himself uncrowned king with his private army of RSS. His third phase of war also included an attack on Pakistan to portray supremacy in the region but this was not such an easy task as he expected. As the Pulwama aftermath showed, Modi found establishing hierarchy difficult with the full befitting response first by China and now from Pakistan. However, his violent rhetoric after the attack shows that he will not give in and his intention is to continue his anti-Pakistan mindset.

The antidote to Modi’s war-mongering is the Indian people. It is hoped that with Modi’s self-serving game being fully exposed, he will face his failure on the front of his own war doctrine if the people of India block him in the General Elections. By trying to follow a movie script based on fiction to harm Pakistan and emerge as a war hero, instead of rational, sane policies, he is bound to crumble towards his failure and falter badly at the ballots. It looks like the humanity hunter is now going to be hunted by his own countrymen and his overly dictatorial ambitions.

Even while breaking out the hostilities against Pakistan in the recent past and trying to play a clever game; he has created a smart model to stay in a win-win situation by likely use of the outbreak of war for the implementation of Article 352 relating to imposition of Emergency in the country. In contrast with Article 83 (2) of the Indian constitution in case of Emergency, the Government can enjoy the extension of more than six months in tenure as prescribed in the rule. Major convergence of the hypothetical war scenario in the state of Emergency could be an alternate of winning the elections. The same provision was earlier invoked by PM Indira Gandhi.

The ever-increasing protests against his continued hostile actions are sliding him towards downfall and he will be hunted down by Indian voters. If the matter of brutalities and mass graves in Kashmir is highlighted by international media, then he will be dragged in The Hague to appear before the International Court of Justice for his trial under war crimes in India and Kashmir.

Modi‘s war is now likely to meet its natural justice and Modi will see his downfall with his own eyes soon. PM Modi lost his face on his domestic family front being failed as a husband whereas he also failed to cement bridges between the Indian communities. He destroyed the Indian economy by demonetising of currency at the wrong timings. The major benefit of demonetising was forcibly extracted by RSS. He destroyed the relations with the neighbouring countries. His only success has been his success as a leading terrorist through his own self-serving theory of war as Modi doctrine.

He is losing his grip on political affairs and trying to regain his lost political credibility by using anti-Pak mindset. By doing so he is destroying the peace of South Asia. The implementation of his war doctrine through RSS will crumble sooner or later. The only concern is that the “Modi war syndrome” may dent peace in South Asia permanently if he is not blocked by the people of India and the international community.