Muzaffargarh - Muzaffargarh Police during its action against criminal elements seized 80 kg marijuana (chars), recovering illegal weapons arresting 470 criminals and absconders in last two months in various crackdowns.  According to details, the district police launched an active campaign and arrested 70 a category criminals and 360 b ctegory wanted/ absconders. As many as 374 cases of narcotics were registered and 5,404 litre wine, 17.56 kg opium, 86 kg marijuana, 1.2 kg heroin was recovered. In holding illegal weapons cases, 163 criminals were arrested and 9 Kalashnikov, 41 rifles, 8 karbeen, 99 pistols, 384 cartridges were recovered from their possession.  District Police Officer Syed Nadeem Abbas said the police were well-equipped with modern technology and resources. The criminals will be dealt with iron hands. Nobody is above the law. The police officers should maintain confidence among the public and solve all problems in time and under the law.

The district police officers brought good name in the department in a very short period winning first position in the region to eradicate social evils. The services of Ilyas Khan, Abdul Karim Khosa, Imran Mahrah, Munir Hussain and Iftikhar Ali Malkani are the real force officers of the district public security.