ISLAMABAD-Islamabad: Amid bad weather forecast for the next couple of days, NDMA, PDMA and PMD have issued warnings to the areas which are about to receive heavy rainfall with thunder and speedy winds. 

In most parts of Pakistan, wind storms and rainfalls are expected in the late hours of Tuesday (today). Balochistan and northern parts of Punjab are expected to receive rainfall today.

However, areas like Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and the northern areas of Punjab are expected to receive constant rainfall and thunders starting from Wednesday till Friday.

According to the warning issued by NDMA regarding bad weather forecast, the rain showers are expected to be constant with no breaks. According to a press release of Pakistan Met Department (PMD), the rainfalls are expected to affect wheat crop in Punjab. 

Talking exclusively with The Nation, Assistant Director of NDMA said that their department had already alarmed the people about the forecast of heavy rain spell. 

Explaining about the measures being taken to prevent the amount of casualties occurring in the urban areas of northern Pakistan, the official stated that different NGOs with the help of NDMA and PDMA visit the houses in the villages where rainfalls are heavy and the houses are not resilient enough to bear the storm and guide them to take precautions before the predicted storms and rainfalls. 

These constant rainfalls are good for the country as it improves the water table and make the soil nutritious but on the other hand, these constant rains are dangerous for the people belonging to villages and living in mud houses which are weak, said the NDMA official. 

PRO NDMA Saqib Mumtaz told this correspondent that the people living in areas which are to receive the storm by today or tomorrow are already informed about the predicted weather and protective measures they need to take for protection. Lately, during the last spell of rainfall, the disaster management authorities in Pakistan reported that severe weather including heavy rain had caused widespread damage in the provinces particularly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where over 20 people have died.