LAKKI MARWAT - Lakki Marwat tehsil mu­nicipal administration on Tuesday launched a spe­cial cleanliness drive in Lakki city to remove gar­bage dumps from urban localities.

Tehsil Municipal Officer Almar Khan kicked off the drive on the special directives of deputy com­missioner Abdul Haseeb Khan. Haseeb had direct­ed the municipal authori­ties to dispose of garbage dumps from urban local­ity and raise awareness among citizens about importance of pollution free and clean environ­ment.

The sanitary workers and sweepers with the help of tractors and ma­chinery removed garbage dumps and cleaned sew­erage drains in railway station, Hafizabad and Umerabad localities. The residential and commer­cial areas located near government city hospi­tal and press club build­ing were also cleaned by municipal employees.

Municipal officials, in­cluding sanitary inspec­tor Fatehullah Khan, head of water supply depart­ment Haji Anwar Kamal and Muhammad Anwar Khan visited different ar­eas to supervise the drive and check the work of sanitary workers. The te­hsil municipal officer told journalists that the spe­cial drive was aimed at to add to the beautification of urban area and pro­vide pollution free envi­ronment to citizens.