PESHAWAR - Kazakhstan ambassador in Pak­istan Mr Alan Rakhmetullin has appreciated the progress made by Pakistan in the last 25 years.

He was talking as a chief guest at the Area Study Centre Uni­versity of Peshawar under aus­pices Centre for global strategic studies on Tuesday at the round table conference entitled “Al-Farabi: The Second Teacher” .

“The country has kept Chris­tian churches, Bhuddist tem­ples and different ethnicities in fine conditions with an active religious ministry as a great achievement,” the ambassador elaborated. He urged the young scholars for working and pro­moting research for peace.

He pointed out that Al- Farabi the great Muslim thinker, edu­cationist is an iconic figure for the whole Muslim world being the bridge between 9th century golden period of Islam to Euro­pean Renaissance and his coun­try would promote Al-Farabi project in strengthening Muslim legacy in the field of arts and philosophy. Earlier, welcom­ing the speakers, Director Area Study Centre, Prof. Shabbir Ah­mad Khan praised Abdul Has­san Al-Farabi for bringing Greek philosophers thoughts Aristotle and Plato with a refined and im­proved classical thoughts. Being jurist essentially in his youth, he (Al-Farabi 0819-0899) went on to serve knowledge as a bache­lor and wanderer for next half a century for search of purposeful knowledge.

Dr. Shabbir mentioned that Farabi positioning of righteous politics and diplomacy was starkly different from Nicolo Machiavelli while his concep­tion of poetry is appreciable in society is a rejoinder to Plato criticism of poetry. Major Gen­eral Syed Khalid Mehmud Jaf­feri emphasised that the scholar was successful in giving utopian concept of virtuous city, citizen­ship and education. Al- Farabi is next to Aristotle in thought and that’s the reason he is the sec­ond teacher of Humanity.