LAHORE                   -           Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi on Tuesday directed devising a policy for regularizing fee structure of private educational institutions.

The House unanimously adopted two resolutions including the one paying tributes to Malik Ata Muhammad Khan for his matchless services for tent pegging and horse riding and the other praising women for their contribution in the development and progress of the country.

The session started one hour and 40 minutes behind the scheduled time with speaker Ch Parvez Elahi in the chair.

On a point of order, PPP’s Hassan Murtaza drew attention of the chair towards private schools adopting curriculum of own choice and charging high tuition fees. “The situation is going from bad to worse. Providing education and health facilities is government responsibility. There is need of putting curriculum in order. We cannot huge fee”, he said, adding, the government was not taking action despite clear instructions of the Apex Court. “The situation is the same in health and other sectors”, he said.

Quoting the example of delay in completion of Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology, the Speaker said that the condition could have been much better if the previous regime would not have stopped projects initiated during his tenure as chief minister. He said that the top judiciary has already given its verdict on the issue of fee structure of private schools. He directed devising a policy and monitoring mechanism for safeguarding rights of parents.

PML-N’s Bao Akhtar drew attention towards arranging marriage functions at Bagh-e-Jinnah despite ban by Parks and Horticulture Authority. He accused the management of allowing the rich to arrange function against booking on the name of gardeners and beldars.

Speaker said that there was something fishy as gardeners could not afford erecting tents on such scale. He directed the parliamentary secretary to probe the issue.

Earlier, the House unanimously passed two resolutions, one on agenda and the other out of turn. The resolution moved by Sabeen Gul was disposed off while that of Muhammad Ayoub Khan was pended.

Through a resolution, PML-N’s Mehwash Sultana paid glowing tributes to Malik Atta Muhammad Khan, son in law of Nawab of Kalabagh Ammer Muhammad Khan and maternal grandson of Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan, for his contribution in promoting soft image of Pakistan. The deceased brought laurels for the country in tent pegging and bull racing. The House unanimously adopted the resolution.

Through a joint resolution, treasury legislator Shamsa Ali and PML-N’s Raheela Khadim Hussain acknowledged valuable contribution of women in progress and development of the country. The House also passed the resolution unanimously.

During question hour on Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering, parliamentary secretary Taimor Masood assured completing and making functional all water supply schemes in the province during the current fiscal year. To a question of PML-N’s Hina Pervaiz Butt, he said that the previous regime left these schemes incomplete which were causing problems.

On completion of agenda, the chair adjourned the session till Wednesday (today) at 3pm.