Sialkot-As the Punjab government is set to launch the patwari system at revenue circle level, it has been decided that initially the patwaris will issue ‘Fard Malkiat’ (ownership deed) instead of recording mutation in the computerised land record.

However, after getting training to operate computerised land record system by the trainers of Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA), these patwaries will be authorised to record mutation.

The Punjab government has already selected at least 18 Qanoogo areas where patwaris are rendering services. It is learnt that senior member Board of Revenue (BOR) has directed commissioners and deputy commissioners to issue the Fard Malkiat for record at Patwar Circle level. They have also been directed that there will be no mutation work until training of patwaris. The deputy commissioners will nominate staff to be trained by PLRA trainers whereas the training has been started from Monday. The deputy commissioners have also been directed to ensure availability of 3G coverage facility at the already identified centres.

Meanwhile, the PLRA field staff have expressed grave concern over the re-launch of patwaris at the revenue estate level. A senior official of the PLRA staff union questioned how could mindset of patwaris be changed by equipping him with laptops and other such facilities? He said at least 4,500 employees of PLRA field staff had already been struggling for their pay raise, service structure and job regularisation for the last three years and now another sword of uncertainty had been placed above their heads. The Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA) meanwhile has said that launch of computerised land record services at the revenue estate level will not pose any threat to existence of the PLRA.

A spokesman by the PLRA said that there was no truth in rumours as authority had been established through an act of parliament. It is said that Board of Revenue in collaboration with the PLRA was going to launch such services in some 206 revenue estates of 18 selected Qanoongo areas of Punjab on an experimental basis. He said the reports of sacking of PLRA field staff were baseless.