ISLAMABAD - The lawmakers from treasury and opposition in Tuesday’s national assembly sitting introduced important bills including seeking a show of hands in Senate polls, public hanging for a rapist, ban for a civil servant to hold dual nationality.

The first private member’s day smoothly witnessed legislative business in the first hour but the situation turned messy when the floor was given minister for Communication Murad Saeed.

PTI’s MNA Junaid Akbar introduced a bill entitled ‘The Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2020,’ aimed at changing the pattern of elections during the Senate polls. Against secret balloting in Senate polls, he introduced an amendment that there should be elections in Senate through ‘show of hand.’

“It is now time to stop the practice of selling votes in the upper house of the Parliament and changing party loyalties,” he said. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan, supported the idea and referred the bill to the concerned standing committee for discussion.


PML-N’s Kesoo Mal Kheeal Das introduced a bill entitled ‘The code and criminal procedure (amendment), with the aim to impose public hanging punishment for rapists. The bill was referred to the concerned committee with the consent of government members.




Opposition lawmakers sought an amendment in civil servants (amendment) act, by introducing a ban on government servants to hold dual nationality.

The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says, “government servants holding dual nationality of foreign states, putting at stake the interest of the country of their origin and the moment they retire, they leave the country to evade accountability, so there is need to ensure the loyalty of government servants.”



A member from opposition James Iqbal introduced a bill entitled ‘The employment of the unattended youth bill, 2020’, with the aim to rehabilitate the neglected segment of the society by providing employment as per education capability.

The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says, “unattended youth who spent more than ten years in any shelter home will be eligible to enjoy the rights, which will change the lifestyle of the underprivileged.”



PPP’s MNA Shahida Rehmani introduced a bill with the aim to prevent students from drugs in the educational institution.

About confidentiality, MNA proposed in her bill that the confidentiality of the student detected positive shall be maintained by the responsible institution. The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says, “the identity of the students tested positive shall be protected and not be stigmatized by society and will be facilitated to utilize rehabilitation facilities.”



PPP-P’s MNA Shazia Marri introduced a bill seeking amendment in the ‘Pakistan Penal code (amendment) bill, 2020’.  

The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says, “It’s unfortunate that sexual violence against the male victims is not recognized in the same manner as female victims. It is important to legislate upon this extremely sensitive issue, and define the crime of rape taking place against male members of our society.”

Another bill was tabled in the house from Balochistan National Party (BNP) leader Akhtar Mengal aimed at amending the NADRA Authority Ordinance 2000. The bill was sent to the standing committee after approval from the house.