BEIRUT - At least 16 people were killed in clashes in Lebanon on Saturday between supporters of the Western-backed government and the opposition, security and hospital officials said. Fierce clashes in the Akkar region of north Lebanon killed 14 people, including civilians, when members of a pro-Syrian party allied with Hezbollah battled supporters of the Western-backed ruling bloc, a security official said. "The headquarters of the Syrian Social National Party (SSNP) in Halba fell to the Future Movement forces," said the official, adding that seven people were found dead inside. In Beirut, gunmen killed two people and wounded 20 in an attack on the funeral of a civilian killed in clashes on Thursday, a hospital official told AFP. "We had two dead, two people in critical condition and about 20 injured this morning," the official at Makassed hospital said, revising downwards a previous toll of six dead given by the hospital. A Lebanese army spokesman said the owner of a scrap metal shop near the route of the funeral procession had been arrested in connection with the shooting. The spokesman said the suspect had been handed over to military police but declined to give futher details. Saturday's killings bring to 34 the number of people killed in four days of fighting between mainly Sunni supporters of the government and Shia supporters of the opposition. Dozens more have been injured. Tripoli, the main city in northern Lebanon, was also the scene of sectarian violence. "The offices of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party as well as Hezbollah's offices in the area have been torched and damaged by supporters of the Future Movement," the security official said.He said the Lebanese flag and pictures of slain former premier Rafiq Hariri were hung outside the offices. The billionaire was assassinated in 2005 in a bombing widely blamed on Syria although Damascus has denied any involvement. Control of the Tripoli office of Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun was handed over to the army, the official added. In another incident, seven Syrian labourers from Aleppo and their driver from south Lebanon were wounded by gunmen who set up a checkpoint on the Minya highway north of Tripoli, the official said. Meanwhile, the Lebanese army said on Saturday that it was revoking measures taken by the government against the Shia Hezbollah movement and called for all armed militants to withdraw from the streets. Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora urged the army on Saturday to impose security throughout the country and immediately clear militants from the streets following Hezbollah's takeover of west Beirut.