ISLAMABAD - A 'Mother's night' was celebrated with a theme of 'Safe Motherhood'  in honour of all mothers on the eve of International Mother's Day on Saturday. The World Population Foundation-Pakistan (WPF) had organised this issue-based event to mark the day in a purposeful manner. Tauseeq Haider remarked the complications during pregnancy and delivery are very serious issues and 68 mothers die per day due to these complications. But such issues has becomes social taboos and people hesitate to discuss theses problems openly and even such issues are not considered worth discussing. Qadeer Baig, Country Representative WPF, speaking on the occasion, said WPF is an international organisation working for the last 11 years in Pakistan to promote its message that is safe motherhood. "Celebrated every year, Mother's Day is an occasion when individuals express their love and respect that they have for their mother. Now, it's time to think about her better health for all she has done for us over the years". To acknowledge the services of Balqees Edhi for the children who have been living their lives without mothers, on the occasion WPF Mother's Award was presented to her. The audience paid rich tributes to her by giving standing ovation and a poem was also recited written on her. A theatrical performance by AJOKA on "Maternal Mortality" was presented which was a tribute to all those anonymous mothers who lost their lives during delivery due to lack of reproductive health facilities. A panel discussion was also a part of the event where doctors, representatives of NGOs and media persons participated to streamline reproductive health issues of women. Dr Nabila from PAIMAN said, "We don't have human resource strategy to handle the issues. The investment has to doubled and must be reached to the rural areas as 80 percent of women give births in rural areas having no attendants."   Saima Nishter, representing an NGO, said the healthcare system of the government is crumbling and the private sector is unregulated which provides 78 percent health care facilities. Only aggregate increase is not enough in the budget there is a need to revitalise the whole infrastructure. Mubashir Zadi, Bureau Chief of a private news channel, opined that arranging seminars in five star hotels would not solve the problems and there was a high time to reach to the people living in remote areas and communicate with them in there own language. A PAIMAN song by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan also screened on the occasion and a classical dance performance by Fasih-ur-Rehman was one of the main features of the evening highlighting the theme "Safe Motherhood".