LAHORE - The garment sector has strongly reacted to the to the State Bank of Pakistan Governor Dr Shamshad Akhtar's remarks that the textile sector has failed to boost export despite making available cheap loans and lack of R&D activity. Talking to The Nation, Ijaz Khokar, former chairman Pakistan Readymade Garment Manufacturing and Exporter Association (PRGMEA), said that the statement of the SBP's governor was simply incorrect as a visit to any factory in the industrial area receiving R&D subsidy will find that more than 70-80 percent of 6 percent R&D subsidy was being spent on expanding working area, added high-tech machines, computerized system and 20 percent on training to produce skilled labour for the factory. He said that there was also impression in SBP that the exporting community was not paying taxes but claiming concessions every now and then. 'This is far from the truth and CBR should better be consulted to know the factual position' he said adding that Textile value added Industry was paying indirect income tax of 1pc of FOB value realized per consignment besides that the units employees contribute by paying taxes etc and the units also were providing jobs to skilled/unskilled workers and thus helping country in poverty alleviation. Khokar said that insofar as marketing efforts were concerned, country was in the grip of uncertain security safeguards to the foreign buyers on tours. 'After travelling to India the buyers prefer to rush back to their countries and the exporters of Pakistan let it be known visit five-six and even 12 times in a year foreign countries to exchange working arrangements and offering assurances to continue in the stream for export. Disappointed Khokar said that insofar as the Commercial Attaches on behalf of Pakistan in Foreign countries excepting a few who are prompt in response, hardly other send economic reports of their areas of jurisdiction and the exporters have to seek support of internationally displayed reports of experts through Internets. 'It is understood that even economic reports are marked "Confidential" that is to remain out of reach to the business Community So this treatment is given where the Industry named "Textiles" is said to be earnings 65-70% of the entire exports receipts per annum for the country' he said. Ijaz Khokar said that the Industry was in complete state of confusion while sending proforma invoices to buyers whose validity used to be six months to a year with the increase in electricity rates, its becoming difficult to revise the prices which would obviously result in loss of business. He said that the government was of the view it had to look after sectors which need support to increase exports and that Textiles had been provided incentives for a considerable period. It is on record that various international agencies, which have studied and made recommendations suggesting sector specific industries be looked up and the garment sector was amongst the top.