ISLAMABAD - The two-day qualifying round of the President, Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) International Squash Championship will start today at Jansher Khan Complex Abbottabad. A PSF official told reporter here on Saturday that the players from England, India, Wales and UAE would also participate in the four-day competitions. "However, world number 43 Farhan Mehboob is the top seed of the event while the second seed is Shahid Zaman. PSF has given a wild card entry to Nosherwan Khan, "he added. He said that tournament has a prize money of US $ 12,000. "Four players will get the berth in the main draw after 2-day qualifying round at the same venue. Air Chief Marshall, Tenvir Mehmood Ahmed, who is also president of Pakistan Squash Federation, will be chief guest on the closing ceremony to distribute the prizes and trophies among the players, "he maintained that the main round of top 16 players would be rolled off from May 13. Names of players of main draw: Farhan Mehboob (top seed) Pakistan, Shahid Zaman (second seed) Pakistan. Yasir Butt (third seed) Pakistan, Majid Khan (4th seed) Pakistan, Shamsul Islam (5th) Pakistan, Arshad Iqbal Burki (6th) Pakistan, Bilal Zaman (7th) Pakistan, Neil Hitchens (8th seed) England, Naresh Kumar (9th seed) India, Lewys Hurst (10th seed) Wales, Amjad Khan (11th seed) Pakistan and Nosherwan Khan (wild card) Pakistan. Names of qualifiers: Muhammad Shoaib Hassan (Pakistan), Waqar Mehboob (Pakistan), Tariq Manzoor (United Arabs Emirates), Aqib Hanif (Pakistan), Kashif Khan (Pakistan), Muhammad Hossei Jafari Nadushan (Iran), Farhan Zaman (Pakistan), Mamoon-ur-Rashid (Pakistan), Wasim Shad (Pakistan), Owais Khan (Pakistan), Ejaz Khan (Pakistan), Ali Raza (Pakistan), Hamza Bukhari (Pakistan), Zahir Shah (Pakistan), Aurangzeb Mehmund (Pakistan) and Nasir Iqbal (Pakistan).