KARACHI - Negotiations between KESC Management and leaders of the Labour Union have failed to produce any result over the issue of salaries when the latter rejected discriminatory package, The Nation learnt on Saturday. Karachi Electric Supply Company has completely neglected non-technical workers in new package as officials' (technical and non-technical) salaries will be increased up to 22 per cent while only 10 per cent increase has been recommended for technical labourers. KESC Human Resource (HR) department, under the leadership of Akram Durrani, has finalised a package to increase the salary of employees and issued notification on Saturday but labour union leaders strongly protested against the proposed package and approached the KESC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syed Muhammad Amjad, who called an emergency meeting and discussed the salary package with labour leaders. According to the sources, labour union leaders have found some serious flaws in the salary package notification issued on Saturday, which has divided officials into five different categories while labourer have only two categories in which technical workers will get 10 per cent increase in salaries while those non-technical employees will not be increased. The sources further disclosed that special allowance of 10 to 20 per cent which normally given in January and June would be merged into the salary and no impact on the basic. While marriage allowance for the children of employees is also discriminatory as officers would get Rs 0.1 million for the wedding of a girl and Rs 50,000 for boy but labourer would be given Rs 25,000 for only girl's wedding and nothing for boy. President KESC People's Labour Union, Aslam Somo, said that HR department under Akram Durrani has once again made a discriminatory salary package for the employees using different tactics with a view to deny any relief to the workers. He said that after the privatisation HR department has created a major gulf between the labourers and officials through adopting discriminatory policy. He alleged that Akram Durrani hatched conspiracy against the labourers of KESC and was trying to provide more relief to those who were already receiving lucrative salaries. He demanded that non-technical labourers should be given salary package equal to the technical employees and officers. He warned that if KESC management would not approve their demands labourers would go on strike.