PESCO has 6000 consumers in Chitral who face 14 hours loadshedding everyday. Apart from such a long hours of loadshedding, the PESCO billing office at Temargara also issues them with wrong bills with arrears of paid bills every month. The local office in Chitral charges Rs 20 each for correcting each bill according to the bank receipts of the previous months. Each month at least 2000 consumers turn up for getting their bills corrected and, thus, an amount of Rs 40,000 is accumulated by the local PESCO office as ransom money. It is learnt that the 'bounty' is equally shared with Temargara billing office on fifty-fifty basis. PESCO high-ups are requested to look into the matter and consumers are requested not to pay a penny for correction of bills. If PESCO officials claim photocopying charges, please ask them why do they need photocopies, for what and for whom? Rs 40,000 per month is a huge amount for mere 'photocopying'. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, May 2.