From 1999 onwards the federal government has been experimenting with various choices of CEOs for PIA, ranging from the hopeless to the berserk. The future of 20,000 PIA employees and the fate of our national flag carrier hang in balance. PIA employees only hope that the political parties, who have the mandate, will not abuse it and appoint an honest, competent and qualified professional to get the airline out of troubled waters. We only hope PIA is not again handed over to someone who cannot deliver. The problems of PIA are both complex and simple. It is riddled with executives of mediocre capability, who have a controversial track record, but have the right connections. PIA's mafia continues to get away with costly practice of leasing aircrafts, while its own fleet remains unutilised. It is an airline that grounds a fleet of 8 aircrafts, after investing $85 million on them, because they are fuel guzzlers and goes on to lease even worse fuel guzzlers. Aircrafts that should have been grounded for corrosion were made to fly without any preventive maintenance, only to be grounded on insistence of the CAA. Those who ask reasons for PIA's huge losses to the tune of over Rs 1 billion every month, need to look at its abuse by every single government in power. -ANEELA CHANDIO, Sukkur, via e-mail, April 26.