Pakistan's political history is full of expediencies of the elites, be they civil or military. The grasping politics held the field for over half a century. The Military Massihs came with a bang and were welcomed by the people due to their disillusionment with the politicians. The waltz of coups-detats from Ayub to Musharraf gave the country, anarchy, chaos and servility. Even the judges were not behind in legitimizing the illegitimacies. This corrupt applecart was disturbed by our judiciary Chief - Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He resisted the General who wanted him to resign. This was the second judge Abdul Rasheed, who became one with peoples causes. The rest is history. Today political parties are dithering in restoring him and his colleagues. They have completely forgotten that it is he who has brought them into power. Ironically neither the politicians, nor the President, nor the US wants them back for various reasons known to one and all. There are two groups. One is with the status quo and the other (new government) is expected to be against the status quo. The test of the new political forces symbolised by February 18, 2008 election lies in the restoration of the judges and bringing the original constitution of 1973 to its pristine glory. The president wants the perpetuation of his own system. The coalition wants to change it, but the defence minister says that he (president) is an asset. The legal trio of Babar Awan, Latif Khosa and Farooq A Naik is not favourably disposed towards the Chief Justice. The religious leader of the coalition is seemingly in collusion with those forces that want to keep the exploitative system intact. PML(N) is all out for the fountain of pure justice, but it is very unfortunate that our coalition is full of contradiction. If any thing can dislodge the present political setup, it is these contradictions coupled with the conspiratorial undertow of the system. Such contradictions could not save the Indian government of V.P. Singh and how could Pakistan fragile political setup survive in the face of competing interests of US and its NATO allies. US wanted to bribe directly tribal leaders through Negroponte and Boucher but failed miserably as only three tribal leaders attended the Jirgas. The pressure of the Taliban worked and the colonialist strategy of winning the tribal leaders could not succeed. Religious conviction and self-respect of Taliban is a factor that cannot be bought with money. Apart from this their adopting of the latest military strategy of Viet-Nemeses General Giap has worked wonders in defeating NATO and demoralising Pakistani troops. Like all third world countries, corruption, narcotics and governance is the manor problem of Afghanistan. Pakistan wanted to help Karzai by stabilising his government. Karzai rewarded Pakistan through India Spy-nets and destabilising the Balochistan. Against this background, Pakistan is to revise its tribal policies. Our previous government failed to act on ICG (International Crisis Group) report comprising 34 pages (December, 2006) asking for good governance and rule of law and extension of civil and political rights in FATA. That was not done then, when it was an appropriate time. Since then lot of water has flowed under the bridge and now Pakistan is in a catch-22 situation. Washington wants us to strike Al-Qaeda and govern the Taliban. The fact is that Talibans are ungovernable and the local Taliban and Afghan Taliban and Pashtoons have become one and invincible. Then our negligence in tribal areas has created a vested tribal interest against reformation. At the top of it, the tribal elders, have become a force to reckon with due to their ethic and religious nationalism. The situation of the Elders is being exploited by the Talibans. The amount of Rs 10/- billions promised to the Taliban by the President (June, 2007) is not going to work. Age-old religious sentiments are being utilised by the Talibans for their ulterior motives. Doling of resources will not curb militants. Transformation of society is the real thing. Billions of dollars spent by NATO, have not brought any qualitative socio-economic change in the common life of Afghan and Pashtoons on either side of Durand Line. If few Taliban can face NATO and the West why can't Pakistan. In case all options are exhausted then Pakistan is left with no choice except to take another U-turn. That may be risky but risk has to be taken when our survival is at stake. After all we are an atomic power and we should not belittle ourselves. Atom is a political weapon we must use it politically. If we cannot, we are not worth our salt. Policy of appeasement with US will not do. Neville Chamberlain appeasement of Hitler resulted into the Second World War. On our domestic front Z.A. Bhutto appeased the religious right and was sent to the gallows. Actually the forces of status quo are the forces of appeasement, be they in civil or military. Their political elimination is national need. Z.A. Bhutto had got the first chance. He could not avail it. Another chance has now come after 28 years later. It has to be utilised. Asfand Yar & Co is to be supported. Hopefully something good will come out from frontier initiatives. But they have to be given full support. In case they (Asfand Yar & Co) failed, the Punjab bureaucracy and no less the Punjab army will be held responsible.