PESHAWAR - Smooth business of life was badly disrupted Saturday all over the border Nangarhar province of Afghanistan following protests by civilians against killing of three inmates of a house and injuring 12 others and also killing father of a well-known commander Haji Hazrat Ali by some unknown persons. As per details, four US military helicopters along with a jet fighter reportedly bombed multi-purpose house of Malik Mohammad in village Khara Qela in Marko area of Ghani Khel District late Friday night. The air strikes resulted in the killing of three and injuries to 12 others including women and children. The US forces also picked up eight inmates of the house and took them along. In retaliation, staging a protest against the US strikes on the house, Shinwari tribesmen from around eight districts blocked the Torkham-Jalalabad highway for every sort of traffic and transportation on Saturday. The Peshawar based Afghan Islamic Press reported that the protesting tribesmen have blocked the Torkham-Jalalabad highway at Marko and Basawal area, 25 km from Jalalabad City, whereas two days back some unknown persons attacked the house of Haji Hazrat Ali, Member of Afghan Parliament. Father of Hazrat Ali namely Mohammad Amir was shot dead by the attackers. The attackers also picked up eight members of the family including women and children. Later the highway was re-opened for traffic as three protesters were reportedly killed and as many wounded by the police firing, residents said Saturday. Members of Ningarhar Provincial Council, security and other government officials held talks with protesters after three protesters were killed and three others wounded by the police firing, a tribal elder Muhammad Aslam told Afghan Islamic Press. He said the road was re-opened on the assurance of Members of Provincial Council and government officials that eight people detained by foreign troops during operation would be released today afternoon. The tribal elder said that the elders of Shinwari tribe would meet tomorrow to discuss foreign forces' night operations in the area. The residents of Farm area of Ghani District said that the foreign forces raided a house in 6th Wiala area last night, killing three and detaining eight people. They said later local residents took to Torkham-Jalalabad highway and blocked the road for several hours to lodge their protest against the operation.