The Primary School Teacher test was held in Municipal Stadium Sukkur on 26.4.2009 at 10am in which almost 2000 candidates had to appear. But unfortunately, the paper of the PST was already 'out' and was even published in some newspapers. As a result, frustration and disappointment spread among candidates like wild fire. Most of the candidates had come from different parts of Sindh after bearing great hardship and now they were being sent home with out doing a thing due to postponement of the test. The credibility of the Sindh University has been damaged a great deal. Prior to this, the PSTs, JSTs, & HSTs test were conducted by IBA Sukkur, which really went smoothly and were done very transparently too. The concerned authorities should consider withdrawing the contract from Sindh University and giving it to IBA Sukkur. -RASHEED AHMED MIRANI, Sukkur, via e-mail, April 26.