KABUL (AFP) - Hundreds of Kabul university students labelled the US the worlds biggest terrorist Sunday as they protested against US airstrikes said to have killed scores of Afghan villagers. Chanting Death to America, Death to the biggest terrorist and long live Islam, up to 1,000 protesters marched outside the university to condemn what is believed to be the deadliest such incident in nearly eight years. Their banners read The blood of the Farah martyrs will never dry and USA is the worlds biggest terrorist, an AFP photographer at the scene witnessed. Another banner demanded that those responsible for the airstrikes last week in southwestern Farah province go on trial. Student leaders read out a statement condemning civilian casualties from both Taliban attacks and military strikes. Our people are fed up with Taliban beheadings and suicide bombings. On the other hand, the massacre of civilians by the American forces is a crime that our people will never forget, it said. Last year was the deadliest for civilians since the United States led the 2001 invasion that removed the Taliban regime, according to the UN, which said that nearly 2,200 were killed, 55pc in insurgent attacks. The students resolution dismissed US statements of regret for civilian casualties, saying: You cannot wash (away) the blood of Bala Buluk district martyrs with bizarre words of excuse and sorrow. Meanwhile, charges that scores of villagers died in US bombings against the Taliban have led to demands for a halt in airstrikes amid warnings that civilian casualties are driving Afghans to join the insurgency, according to experts. But the US and Nato forces taking on the militants say air power is an essential advantage that insurgents are trying to disable by engineering situations in which it harms civilians. The bombs hit compounds where people had taken refuge from the fighting, Granai village tribal chief Mohammad Naeem Qader told AFP by telephone. At that time there were no Taliban in the village, he said, adding that US President Barack Obama must stop his military from bombing innocent people or the people will join the Taliban. This dangerous for him. Any military action that harms civilians becomes a recruiting tool for the insurgents, parliamentarian and former army general Noor-Ul Haq Ulumi told AFP. The more you kill civilians, the more youve added to the list of your enemies. One house you destroy, one person you kill, youve added 10 to your enemies, said Ulumi, who heads parliaments defence committee. And in Afghanistans complicated battleground where insurgents are often among ordinary people, Using airstrikes is like using an artillery shell to kill a fly, he said. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has long called for an expansion of ground forces and a reduction in airstrikes for the same reason, commissioner Nader Nadery told AFP. Civilian casualties win support for the Taliban and play into their propaganda against the government and international forces, he said. The Farah incident is likely to be the largest and most tragic loss of life to US bombs so far in Afghanistan, added Human Rights Watch. Yet another devastating error inevitably calls into question the continued viability of the use of US and NATO airpower in Afghanistan, said researcher Rachel Reid.