ISLAMABAD/Swat Security forces have killed around 200 miscreants in various parts of Swat and Shangla during the last 24 hours and warned the civilians to be vigilant of the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted by the militants in Mingora to put the blame on security forces. According to ISPR here on Sunday, suspected locations of miscreants at Kanju, Mingora, Venaibaba, Namal, Qambar, Peochar (miscreants headquarters), Fizagath, Tiligram, Chamtalai were targeted by the security forces in an effort to purge the area of militants where reportedly 50 to 60 miscreants were killed. Indiscriminate mortar firing and planting of IEDs in the streets and roads by the miscreants in the populated areas of Thana, Malakand and Mingora resulted into civilian casualties. The miscreants also destroyed two schools at Barikot and Maniar, while curfew was relaxed in Swat from 6am to 3pm. As far as the situation in Shangla is concerned, the security forces have secured the area up to Biladarm. Intense exchange of fire also took place between the miscreants and security forces at Chamtalai. Security forces resumed operation from important heights known as point 2245 and point 2266 which were captured on Saturday last and secured area up to Shalwal Kandao. One soldier embraced martyrdom during the operation at Shalwal Kandao. During advancement, a large number of dead bodies and weapons of miscreants were found near Ramotai Loe Sar. Another soldier, who was injured during the operation on May 8, succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom. A training centre of miscreants at Banai Baba was destroyed while dead bodies and weapons of miscreants were found in the area. Reportedly 140 to 150 miscreants were killed at Banai Baba Training Camp. Later, the DCO Shangla confirmed the number of casualties inflicted upon miscreants. Shangla top has also been secured from miscreants. In Dirasuies, the security forces have secured the area from Kala Dag to Haya Sarai as the miscreants gave resistance during advancement at Musa Jan and Sarai Kot. Resultantly, one soldier got injured and 5 militants were killed in the process. Reportedly, miscreants kidnapped a reporter of a leading private television news channel from Chakdara, Lower Dir. In Gulabad, ground forces have secured the consolidation of positions by the security forces on heights. Troops during advance movement encountered three IEDs that were successfully neutralized. In Buner, helicopters targeted various locations and hideouts of miscreants at Barwada Char area. Resultantly, miscreants suffered heavy casualties, while their six bunkers and two ammunition dumps were also destroyed. The security forces have secured the ridges around Sultanwas and miscreants present there have been surrounded, while two militants were arrested in a raid at Daggar. Miscreants attacked a security forces convoy at Spin area south of Tanai on late Saturday. The security forces swiftly retaliated and killed 18 miscreants. An officer, Capt Muneeb, also embraced martyrdom while miscreants injured two other soldiers during the attack. The miscreants fled from the area leaving behind dead bodies. One injured miscreant was arrested. As many as 67 militants were killed and scores of others were injured during the shelling of gunship helicopters and jet fighter planes in the scattered parts of restive Swat district. Security forces also claimed that seven Taliban militants were killed and one was arrested near Kanjo Bridge. Two civilians Maulvi Zahid, a prayer leader of a mosque, and Shah Dawaran were killed at Neshad Chowk by the firing of unknown persons, while one person was killed and his mother sustained injuries when a mortar shell hit his home in Shagai area. Security forces also clamped curfew at 03:00pm till an indefinite time. A training centre of militants was also targeted at Chantali. The shelling and bombing of planes also caused major damage to the houses of local people who had already vacated them for safer places. Moreover, thousands of people left the area during curfew relaxation hours and migrated to Mardan, Peshawar and Swabi districts. Our Staff Reporter from Malakand adds: At least three civilians were killed and eight others got injured in the shelling of gunship helicopters here at Tana area, while Taliban militants killed one security man and kidnapped three others during an attack on a check post in Pali area on Sunday. Sources told that the injured persons including women and children were rushed towards the local hospital. Security forces launched search operation in Pali area and also clamped curfew in most of the areas of Malakand Agency at 04:00am on Sunday. Till filing of this report, the curfew was intact. There is severe shortage of food and edible items in the area. However, according to DCO Malakand, the situation was quite normal and all possible steps would be taken to provide relief to the affected people. He said the registration process was continued in all the camps and free food and transport facilities were being provided to the people. Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) leader Gul Zaman established a relief camp and provided free food and cold drinks to the effected people of Swat, Dir and Buner. Our Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: The security forces claimed that nine militants were arrested at Kanju area of Swat. The personnel of security forces killed two persons for violating curfew hours. The militants have also blocked the main GT Road right from Qambar to Barikot to prevent displacement of affected people. In this respect, the officials have directed the civilians to use the Kanjo-Shamozai Road in Kabal tehsil. The security forces are now consolidating its positions in Gulabad area, while the militants have also mined the area to block military movement. Fearing further intensified action, the militants are fleeing from scattered areas of Buner district. The intensified clashes and actions against the militants resulted in wide range displacement from the affected areas. The NWFP government has declared all schools in Mardan district as camps for the displaced people.