PRAGUE (AFP) - The European Union plans to hold the blocs first-ever summit with Pakistan in June to 'help strengthen the civilian government there, an EU presidency source said Saturday. The decision to hold the summit is also 'a testament to the political importance the EU attaches to its relationship with the country, the Czech EU presidency source said. This is the first EU-Pakistan summit ever to be held, the EU wants to help strengthen the civilian government in Pakistan by showing strong support on the highest level, added the source for the Czech presidency, which will hand the European Unions reins over to Sweden in July. Among the subjects mooted for the summit, provisionally planned for June 17, are the fight against terrorism - including in neighbouring Afghanistan - as well as enhanced cooperation in the field of the rule of law and trade issues. The European Union and the United States have in recent months showed a growing urgency to boost ties with Pakistan amid fears of increasing militancy and due to its strategic importance to the US-led action in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama has pledged a new focus on fighting Taliban and Al-Qaeda extremists in the region. A key US senator on Thursday pledged quick action on a giant aid package to stabilise Pakistan as a committee cleared an early one billion dollars to support the insurgency-hit US ally. Last December European nations signalled their wish to reinforce links with Pakistan. The European Union stands ready to strengthen bilateral relations with Pakistan and to look for possible ways of increasing its financial assistance to the country, EU foreign ministers said in a statement then. The 27 EU nations agree that cooperation should be boosted in the areas of trade and development, intercultural exchange, non-proliferation, human rights, migration, counter-terrorism and education. The EU has sent some 500 million euros in aid to Pakistan since 1976, according to the European Commission, and has quadrupled its funding for the 2007-2010 period, with 50 million euros (65 million dollars) earmarked so far. Brussels wants to target Pakistans lawless border areas with Afghanistan with its aid, focusing on rural development, natural resources management, education and the development of human resources. Britain is championing a free-trade deal with Islamabad. The EU source said only that the summit could help towards a 'substantial improvement of our trade relationship.